Elsevier and Mendeley

Mendeley is a best in class reference manager and academic social network that is part of the Elsevier family. As a well known global academic publisher of medical and scientific literature worldwide, Elsevier publishes diverse titles like The Lancet and Cell.
We’re working with our client, Elsevier, to help with digital marketing and design.

Email marketing

Our email marketing work has focussed on producing the optimal subject lines, content and email series. We’ve helped increase user engagement and product onboarding. We aim to spread the word for exciting new features and an associated Beta program, helping them to increase usage and launch a thriving global research network.

Technical content writing

Elsevier Client Logo‘Onyva The Agency has provided concise, targeted and well crafted articles for the Mendeley Careers website: the content has bolstered the site’s reputation as well as its Search Engine Optimisation. Seema is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.’ –
Dr. Christian DeFeo, Product Marketing Manager – Mendeley | Elsevier

We’ve worked with Elsevier and Mendeley to produce 50+ technical content pieces to help engage users, drive traffic and improve SEO.

Technical content articles and blog post examples: