About us

Years of experience including biotechnology, software, medical, life sciences and related fields

About us, our marketing agency and approach

At Onyva, our client feedback mentions we listen intently to needs, deliver creative solutions, grasp high-tech concepts quickly, provide strategic input—so clients refocus beyond their product or innovation to concentrate on reaching customers, and are honest about what we will achieve. Our specialism is the life sciences marketing sector.

  • Decades of marketing expertise
  • Limitless creativity
  • Value for money
  • Data and results oriented
  • PhD. Level knowledge in the life sciences field
  • Years of industry experience including biotechnology, software, medical, life sciences and related areas
  • Adapt to your needs


Key Members

Seema Sharma. PhD.
Managing Director

Seema graduated with a PhD., from UCL in molecular neuroscience, and has a research background in neuroscience, biochemistry and proteomics. A combination of being technically versed, a natural creative drive, and over seventeen years of commercial marketing experience, enable Seema to develop campaigns that deliver on business goals.
Her commercial experience includes running marketing and events programmes for the research journal Science, in her role as European Programme Director. She also established global scientific campaigns and new product lines at Abcam Plc., and has held related roles in pharma, biotech and software fields.
Seema is skilled in managing teams. Her specialisms include technical product marketing, campaign management and unique content creation. Crucially, she is a people person at heart who focusses on finding the right solutions for the right client, whilst leading campaigns.

Mike Young
Senior Graphic Design Consultant

Mike brings over 25 years design experience to Onyva, having worked with some of the top design and marketing agencies in London and overseas.

Mike has extensive pharmaceutical experience, producing award-winning marketing campaigns for clients such as Kimberly-Clark Professional. He has also worked extensively with the healthcare sector, providing marketing and website design to over 30 NHS Trusts around the UK. He has a real eye for detail and style and brings his wealth of experience to every digital, print or marketing design project

Katinka Vigh-Conrad. PhD.
Technical Copywriter and Consultant

Katinka received her PhD in Human Genetics from the University of Chicago where she developed a protein microarray to enable high-throughput allergy phenotyping of individuals. Using these data, she performed linkage and association studies to study the genetic basis of allergy.

After completing her PhD, she worked at Abcam Plc., in Cambridge, UK as a Marketing Coordinator for their Immunology and Neuroscience product ranges. She is a talented freelance copywriter and Marketing Manager at Genomics and Pathology Services at Washington University in St. Louis.
Katinka is experienced in taking the lead on marketing communication and is adept at creating engaging, technically accurate content for all audiences. She also has training in brand and design.

Aris Krikelis. PhD
Marketing Consultant

Dr Aris Krikelis, Marketing Consultant: Dr Krikelis holds a PhD in Structural biology from Imperial College London. His scientific marketing positions include being the UK and Ireland marketing manager in Cell Signalling Technology, Director of Marketing at Biogazelle (Belgium) , and Digital Marketing Manager at Cisbio (France). His marketing specialisms include Social Media, Linkedin Marketing, Market Analysis, Web Content Writing and Strategy.